Figuring out which doctors and hospitals (“providers”) are covered under your new health insurance policy is no easy thing these days. Five months after the new Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) made major changes to policies, and to the industry as a whole, the dust isn’t settled on provider networks.

Networks are important.  If you go to a provider that is not in the network for the exact health insurance policy you have, you will get lower – or even zero – benefits from the insurance carrier.  The President of the California Medical Association is quoted as saying “…the mass confusion about participation status…” has negatively affected both doctors and patients.  This is certainly true.

Covered California enrolled over a million Californians in ACA policies during the first open enrollment period.  At Cyan Insurance Solutions, we continue to advise our clients to call your doctor’s billing office and give them the exact name of the policy you have.  Make sure they are in YOUR network before making appointments.