Employee benefits such as health insurance are crucial for hiring and retaining top performers for your business. We’ve been on both sides of the table – purchasing insurance while operating other businesses, and assisting business owners in securing affordable benefits for their employees as Cyan Insurance. We’d love to put our experience to work for you.

Many changes have occurred in the small employer health insurance market in the last few years. We’re on top of all of the new laws and regulations. This means we can provide you with insurance whether you have 2 or 200 employees.

As independent agents, we canvas the various insurance carriers and work hard to find just what you are looking for. Low deductible? High deductible? Health savings accounts (HSAs)? Supplemental benefits? Employer tax savings? COBRA? We keep up on all of these issues – and many others – so you don’t have to.

For initial discussions, you can contact us by phone at (760) 477-7542 or email us. We’d be happy to make an appointment to come by your offices to discuss options.


Obtain Quotes Quickly with Our Online Census Form

If you’re ready to have us obtain quotes for you, you can use our online small group “census” form. With this form, you can provide us with basic details of your company situation. What’s required is:

  • First name of each employee (or “Employee 1”, “Employee 2” if you prefer)
  • Gender of each employee
  • Date of Birth (DOB) for each employee
  • Home zip code for each employee (not company zip code!)
  • And how to contact you

While our form allows you to include additional information (like SIC codes, COBRA enrollees, medical conditions, etc.) none of that data is required at this stage. If you don’t have the above information at your fingertips right now, you can look it up and return to this page at any time.

Hint: Probably the first thing you should do on our census page is scroll down to the “Number of Employees” box, enter a number, and then click “click here” to the right. The form may be a bit more self-explanatory if you do that first!

Again, just the information listed above is required. We’ll use your data from the census form to obtain competitive quotes, and we’ll contact you and schedule a time to go over the various options with you.

To use our online census form, click the “Get Quotes” button below.

Otherwise, please give us a call at (760) 477-7542 or email us to get started with affordable employee benefits.

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