Are you prepared for the possibility of assisted living or nursing home expenses?  Most Americans aren’t.  A recent survey commissioned by gave a look at how these costs were planned for – or not.

The study found that almost 40% of respondents had nothing set aside for long term care expenses.  While it varies by region, the average is about $81,000 per year to live in a nursing home.  50% of women and 31% of men reported no assets or insurance to cover these potential, and likely, costs.

Remember, Medicare only covers the first 100 days in a skilled nursing home, and stays are generally longer.  Separate Long Term Care Insurance is a good way to address these expenses.  A number of policy types are available that can protect your family’s legacy in the event of needing long term care.  Call us at Cyan Insurance Solutions today and we can show you a number of options for long term care expenses.