A recent online article from Forbes Magazine (June 30, 2020) gives excellent advice to new parents.  The article covers a range of topics, all centering around the need for Life Insurance.

First, the article points out that life insurance will likely never be as inexpensive for a parent as it is today.  Each year the insurance carriers increase the cost to you because you’re a year older.  But you can lock in pricing at today’s age.  With some life insurance plans, that price can be locked in for the rest of your life.  Other plans may lock it in for a specific number of years.  But in either case, the cost is lower this year than it will be next year.

Many new parents think that life insurance might be too expensive, so they just don’t look into it.  This is a mistake.  Survey after survey finds that people usually overestimate what life insurance actually costs.  You won’t know unless you actually get a quote.

The article cautions against only having life insurance coverage through work.  While this is a great employee benefit, it most often can’t be reasonably taken with you if you leave the company.  When that happens, it’s often years later, and the cost of replacement coverage will be higher because you’re older.

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