We invite you to schedule a consultation with us to discuss any area where we may be of assistance to you.  Note that Federal rules do not allow us to discuss non-Medicare topics during a Medicare consultation.  A second consultation will gladly be set up to discuss other topics at a different time.

We assure you that we take your privacy and your preferences very seriously.  We never have, and never will, sell or otherwise give your contact information to others.  The exception is if you decide you would like for us to assist you with an application to an insurance company.  Under that condition, we will only share information you give us with that specific insurance company for that specific application.

We can also adjust to your preferred communication method:  phone call, in-office meeting, or video conference.

We have two appointment calendars, one for appointments in Pacific Time Zone, and one for appointments in Eastern Time Zone. Select the button below that matches your preference.

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